Make Your Small Business Website Affordable

In today’s competitive economy an effective, marketing-driven Website is an essential business strategy for small businesses. But can a fully functional Website also be an affordable Website?

By employing the best that technology has to offer, Tadpole Graphics provides affordable Web design services for small businesses. A few standard techniques to make your Website affordable include…

  • employing standardized  templates and inexpensive Open Source software
  • allowing you to update your Website yourself
  • using free tools, like Google Analytics, to monitor the performance of your  Website

Make Your Small Business Website Discoverable

You can’t do business on the Web if your customers can’t find you. Websites designed by Tadpole Graphics incorporate proven online marketing strategies, such as…

  • creating a site that can be easily indexed by Google, Bing and other search engines
  • placing search phrases (called keywords) in key locations on your Website
  • establishing strategic links between your Website and other relevant sites

Make Your Small Business Website Sociable

Tadpole Graphics can help you to have a conversation with your customers, vendors and professional partners by…

  • automatically pushing the content from your blog to Twitter and Facebok (or via versa)
  • making it easy for visitors to share your Website on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon and other social sites
  • developing content for your Website that is both informative and entertaining

Start the Conversation

If you have questions about Web design, or need more information before you make a decision feel free to use the Contact form or call 503-752-8450 to speak with Luisa.

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