Vino: Designed for SEO

Friday FlightsI designed this site for Bruce Bauer, the owner of Vino….a wine shop in Portland, Oregon. Bruce is well-known for selling great wine at great prices, but that means he moves a lot of inventory through his Website (and his store).

Bruce wanted the Website to reflect the store’s activity. The Website was designed to showcase not just individual wines, but all of the special sales Bruce offers and all of the regular tasting events he hosts.

WP Categories

How did we accomplish that? In a word: categories. When Bruce creates an entry in WordPress (really just a blog post) he assigns the story to a predefined category. I designed the site to automatically display different categories on different pages. This allows Bruce to easily feature a wine as a “VinoBuy” or an “E-Special”, just by choosing the right category. These are designations that his customers know and love because they mean extra savings.

Design for SEO

I particularly like the solution I developed for Vino’s events pages. Take a look at the Friday Flights page, and you’ll see a static introductory paragraph. This text, which doesn’t change, gives visitors the basic facts about these weekend tastings. Right below that static text is an event listing that changes weekly as the wines change.

Here’s the best part: By using blog functions to create the text on the Vino Website, Bruce is generating a robust archive of content that helps his rankings in the search engines. It’s another example of how smart Web design can become a powerful marketing tool.

Explore the Website:

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