Use Video to Boost Your Site’s Traffic

Video is one of the best ways to funnel visitors to your Website. YouTube serves up more than 2 billion (yes, that’s right…BILLION) videos every day. Imagine what would happen if you could capture even a small percentage of that traffic to promote your business or sell your product. Wow!

Before I go any further, let me share a great video with you (afterwards, I’ll define what I mean by “great”). This video was created by my friend Dan Kaufman of for Brooker’s Powder Coating, here in Portland, OR.

A great video serves a purpose. Sometimes that purpose is purely to entertain. But, these days more often than not, a video is also designed to promote a product. Dan’s video does just that. It gives us an inside peek into the world of powder coating. Now, powder coating is a specialty market that requires customers to understand some pretty technical procedures. Dan takes all of those dry (potentially boring) technical selling points and wraps them up in an engaging story.

A bike named Pinky.

A bike named Pinky.

So instead of a guy standing in front of a camera explaining why you should use powder coating, we get a narrative that includes a girl and her bike. The video manages to explain what the heck powder coating actually is,  and also makes us smile. In sales, smiling is good.  If you surf over to YouTube, you can easily see just how successful this video has been. To date, over 103,000 people have watched this story about a bike named Pinky. The fact that it is also an ad for Brooker’s Powder Coating is one of the keys to effective online marketing.

I’d love to hear what you think about this video, and if you find it as effective a marketing tool as I do.  Leave a comment!

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