on not being athena

I’m sure you’ve heard the myth about Athena, the Greek Goddess of  war and wisdom. According to legend, Athena wasn’t born, she sprang—full grown—from her father’s head.

Sculpture of Pallas AthenaFor a few moments, I believed that this Web site could, like Athena, move directly from my mind to the screen as a fully realized concept. Alas, that was naive of me. Instead, my first blog entry is both a celebration of success—afterall, the Tadpole Graphics Web site is now live—and an admission of my own shortcomings. I’ve discovered that this site, like so much of Web-based marketing, will have to be a work in progress.

I invite you to join me as I explore both the powerful backend technology and the fascinating content of the World Wide Web. Along the way, I hope to share some tips with you about Web-based design and marketing.

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