Markets, Patents and Alliances: SEO Success

Today, I’m interviewing one of my long-standing clients, Mark Nowotarski of Markets, Patents and Alliances, LLC. I’ve been providing online marketing help in order to boost traffic to Mark’s Website.

Simple SEO

Markets, Patents and Alliances Website

The crowdfunding page on the Website.

We’re speaking about a new page that we recently added to  The page targets inventors who are posting their ideas on crowdfunding sites, such as Kickstarter.

Luisa: Can you briefly describe crowdfunding sites?

Mark: Sure, a crowdfunding site is a Website where people can raise money to fund projects.  Here’s how crowdfunding works: You post a description of your project on a site, like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, along with a video showing what your invention is, why it’s special, and why you think people should support you. You also explain what sort of award you will give in exchange for their monetary support.  For example, an inventor will describe an original idea on a crowdfunding site, and if you agree to buy that invention when it’s produced, he or she can go ahead and manufacture the product.

Luisa: So, why do inventors participating in crowdfunding need your patent services?

Mark: Inventors that post on crowdfunding sites need patents so that people won’t steal their ideas once they show everyone what they are.

An SEO Surprise

Luisa: We began developing the crowdfunding page by starting with simple SEO strategies like basic keyword research. Were there any surprises at this stage of the SEO process?

Mark: I was surprised at how often we had to use keywords, like “Kickstarter”, on the Webpage in order to get a good SEO score.  I was also surprised that we could overuse some words, like “patent”, that could reduce our score.

Luisa: As I recall, we had another surprise when the original version of the crowdfunding page generated a lot of potential leads that you ultimately didn’t want.  Can you briefly explain why this high-volume response  did not serve your business model?

Mark: Yes, we had originally made a special offer to do a patent application for free provided that someone who called us was accepted on a crowdfunding site like Kickstarter.  Inventors would only have to pay for the patent if they achieved their funding goals.  Unfortunately, the inventors who called us were new to Kickstarter and had a low success rate.  What they really needed was better guidance up front on how to spend their patent money wisely.

Luisa: How did we modify the page to deliver better quality leads?

Mark: We focused on the free initial 15-minute consultation and highlighted a strong testimonial by one of our successful Kickstarter clients.  This helped inventors who visited our site feel comfortable about calling us or filling out our contact form.  Now we get a good steady stream of leads.

Luisa: Keywords by themselves don’t guarantee that an online marketing campaign will be successful. What other simple SEO activities have contributed to the success of this campaign?

Mark: When I first got interested in crowdfunding sites, I backed a number of projects on Kickstarter.  This was a good way for me to get familiar with the process and get to know the community.  Once you back an inventor’s project, they are very open to corresponding with you.  Several of the inventors I corresponded with were very gracious about reviewing my crowdfunding web page.  They gave excellent feedback on what was important to someone that posts on Kickstarter.  Several of them even became my clients.

Luisa: It makes perfect marketing sense to participate in Kickstarter if that’s where your potential customers are. I think you also write blog articles on this subject. Can you speak more about that?

Mark: I wrote Funding Your Invention: Get Started with Crowdfunding for IPWatchdog, one of the premier patent blogs.  I’ve been a regular contributor to IPWatchdog for a number of years.  Gene Quinn, the blog owner, was excited to have the material I contributed about crowdfunding.  The article had several thousand views, a number of thoughtful posted comments and good click through traffic back to my crowdfunding page.

Another SEO Tip

Luisa: Any other SEO tips for promoting your page?

Mark: I searched for other blogs likely to be viewed by inventors that discussed crowdfunding.  When I found relevant articles, I would provide constructive comments and link directly back to my crowdfunding page.  I’m assuming that has SEO benefit.

Luisa: Absolutely! This is a powerful SEO technique known as backlinking. Basically, every link that points back to your page functions as a “vote” for you in the search engine rankings.  The more links, the more votes.  More importantly, links from trusted sources have a greater weight with the search engines.

Luisa: Is the IPWatchdog blog well known and respected in the industry?

Mark: The short answer is yes.

Luisa: I agree, I just checked on the Google page rank for  It has a ranking of 6 out of 10—a good Google score.  Getting a link that points to your site from a highly ranked Website can help improve your rankings with Google.

Mark: Speaking of backlinks, here is something that has also worked for me.  One of my clients had a successful project on  He thanked me by putting a link pointing back to my website right there on his Kickstarter page.  I received several click-throughs to my site from the link.

Luisa: Thanks to Mark Nowotarski of Markets, Patents and Alliances for being the subject of this SEO case study. Mark’s follow through proves that seemingly simple SEO strategies really require hard work and diligence in order to succeed.  To sum up, here’s what we did to improve the Google page rank and drive more traffic to Mark’s Website.

 SEO Tips and Tricks

  • Defined our marketing goal.  In this case we wanted to motivate inventors who are posting on crowdfunding sites to investigate Mark’s patent services.
  • We researched keyword phrases related to this marketing goal.  For example, “Kickstarter” is an obvious keyword phrase.  Ideally, we were looking for keyword phrases that trigger a significant number of searches, but have relatively low competition.
  • We then created new content for the Website that was optimized for our chosen keyword phrase.
  • By writing guest blog articles, submitting comments to industry-specific blogs, and posting comments on Kickstarter, Mark created powerful backlinks pointing to the crowdfunding page on his own site.
2 Responses to Markets, Patents and Alliances: SEO Success
  1. Mark Nowotarski
    April 6, 2012 | 12:15 pm


    Great work. I just got another inquiry off of my Kickstarter patent page today.


    • Luisa Simone
      April 6, 2012 | 12:53 pm

      Glad to hear that the Kickstarter page is still doing it’s job!

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